Can you hide the scars from breast cancer surgery?

by | May 10, 2020 | 0 comments

Absolutely, yes- we can hide scars from breast cancer surgery. We believe you should not just recover from breast cancer, but also live a happy, fulfilling life afterwards. This includes being comfortable when you look in the mirror or lie on the beach. If we can be cosmetically minded when we are operating, then we will always take the extra time to do so. A consultant oncoplastic breast surgeon is trained not only in breast cancer surgery but also in breast aesthetics and cosmesis.

  • One way is to hide the scar around the dark part of the nipple (areola). We can use that entry point to gain access to the breast- especially the upper and inner part. This can be challenging surgery, but the results are worth it!
  • Another method is to use the lower fold of the breast (the infra-mammary fold) in the crease of the breast. This is the same incision as used for a boob job. This is hidden well by the natural droop of your breasts.

We always try to avoid placing large scars in obvious areas such as the cleavage. Scars in the inner, upper part of the breast can be seen even when you are wearing a bra or a low cut top.

The most important thing is always taking out the tumour, and sometimes that means that the scar will not look great straight away after the surgery. But remember that scars will heal and often a scar that is really noticeable right after your operation will fade with time. In cases where scars from breast cancer surgery remain unsightly they can be revised and re-sutured.

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