How much are breast implants?

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how much are breast implants UK

It can be surprisingly difficult to find out the cost of breast implants in the UK. We have done the hard work for you to find out how much are breast implants in the UK. Any good surgery provider should be able to give you an approximate idea of the cost of breast augmentation surgery. Usually, the exact price will depend on a number of individual factors too.

Some companies may try to tempt you with low ‘headline’ prices. Remember: you are committing to having surgery in your body forever. This is not simply buying a car that you might change in 3 years. What seems like a ‘great deal’ at the time might not feel so good later on if you have been let down. The PIP implant scandal was made worse by the companies using the cheapest implants on the market to attract customers.

What changes the cost of breast implant surgery?

The price you pay for breast implant surgery will depend upon a few different factors. Often you will need to see your surgeon in order to make those choices. A ‘patient facilitator’ or other non-qualified person you might see at a first appointment will not be able to tell you the final cost of the surgery. They also won’t be able to tell you the important risks of the procedure.

  • Type of implants: some implants (e.g. ultra-lightweight or teardrop) cost more than others
  • Type of surgery: some providers will try and reduce the cost by doing surgery under sedation. This means that you are awake and not under a general anaesthetic. This saves money but means having surgery away from a fully-equipped hospital.
  • Need for other procedures: your surgeon may feel that you will get a better result with a combined breast lift or fat-transfer breast augmentation. You need someone who will be honest with you about this.

What should be included in the price of breast implant surgery?

There are a few things that you need to consider when you are adding up the total cost. Make sure you check off all the items on this list:

  • Cost of a consultation with a consultant cosmetic breast surgeon
  • Cost of the specific type of implants that are best suited to what you want to achieve
  • Any aftercare or overnight stay in hospital
  • Follow-up clinic appointments
  • Is there a warranty for the implants?

How much are breast implants in the UK?

We checked the cost of breast implant surgery for companies that provide the information on their website. These are large corporations with large advertising and support staff budgets.

  • MyBreast: from £5,000
  • Transform Clinic: from £5,990
  • Harley Medical Group: from £4,845 (£5,345 with teardrop implants)
  • Spire Healthcare (Manchester): £5,960
  • Nu cosmetic clinic: £3,990 – £4,650

We also looked at a number of private surgeons. The advantage here is that you can choose your surgeon and you know exactly who to turn to if something goes wrong. The surgeon is paid directly from your fee so there is no additional cost from another company trying to make a profit.

  • Manchester: from £6,100
  • London: from £5,990
  • Edinburgh: from £4,700
  • Birmingham: from £4,490

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