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We provide the full range of symptomatic and aesthetic breast surgery. You will always receive a comprehensive medical appraisal of your symptoms in the clinic, and an honest discussion about the risks and benefits of undergoing surgery.

In the UK, doctors are regulated by a code of practice from the General Medical Council (GMC). They have produced a leaflet for patients considering cosmetic surgery.

Most breast lumps are benign (not cancerous), but it is very important that if you notice a new lump or any other change in your breast (such as dimpling of the skin or inversion of the nipples) that you seek medical advice.

Ms Lucy Khan and Mr Chris Cartlidge specialise in reconstruction of the breasts following mastectomy, using pioneering pre-pectoral implant-based reconstruction. This can reduce the incidence of muscle twitching caused by sub-muscular implants, promote faster recovery, and gives a more natural shape and look of reconstructed breasts.

They are skilled at bilateral (double) mastectomy (prices from £9000 including hospital stay). These are available for patients who have a strong family history of breast cancer, are carriers of a cancer gene mutation (e.g. BRCA1 or BRCA2) or who have been treated for breast cancer in the past. These can be performed to leave a flat chest with neat scars or with immediate skin-sparing, nipple-sparing implant-based reconstruction. They both have a large case experience for lipofilling (fat transfer) to improve the look and feel of breasts previously treated for cancer (surgery and/or radiotherapy) who have deformity, volume defect, asymmetry or tethering of the scar.

Speak to your health insurer as they may cover appointments for you to discuss these options (Ms Khan is fee-approved by the main insurers). Alternatively, the first clinic appointment is charged at £150 with any diagnostic imaging or other procedures charged as extra.


Patient Info

Breast Symptoms

Breast Lump

Finding a breast lump is naturally concerning and this can be a worrying time for you. Rapid assessment and early diagnosis is the key. You will receive an expert examination and the necessary imaging with a biopsy if required will be arranged.

Nipple Changes

Nipple discharge or inversion (pulling-in of the nipple) can be signs of underlying breast disease. Patient’s with these symptoms need an expert examination, assessment of the discharge and necessary imaging with a biopsy if required.

Breast Pain

Painful breasts can be difficult to live with, causing anxiety about underlying breast disease and preventing you from undertaking normal activities. Our expert consultants will examine you and undertake all necessary investigations. We can advise you on how to deal with the pain.

Male Breast Symptoms

Although rare, men can get breast cancer and any new lump needs to be investigated. You will need an expert examination, appropriate imaging and biopsy if required. Male breast problems are treated with medication or surgery.

Areas of Expertise

Breast Augmentation

Hidden (secret) incision and soft-touch Nagor Impleo implants to give a full breast

Breast Reduction

Expert surgery with support for rapid recovery for women who are unhappy with large breasts

Breast Cysts

Cysts in the breast are very common but require full diagnosis to make sure there is no underlying serious disease


Specialised surgery available to treat breast enlargement in men

Breast Cancer

1 in 8 women will experience breast cancer at some time in their lives. Our aim is to maintain the normal shape of the breasts where possible


Sometimes breast cancer must be treated by removing the whole breast. There are many options available for reconstruction of the breast

Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruction using a hidden incision and with the implant in front of the muscle to prevent unsightly animation

Lipofilling (Fat Transfer)

Fat transferred from abdomen and thighs to the breast for reconstruction or cosmesis

Paget's Disease

This is a cancerous change which occurs on the surface of the nipple. Always have nipple changes assessed by an expert


We can excise (remove) fibroadenomas using a small incision in a hidden part of the breast tissue so that it will heal well

Nipple Discharge

We can offer a duct-excision procedure to patients who have troublesome nipple discharge

Lumpectomy / Wide Local Excision

Removing cancer can be done to minimise disruption to normal breast tissue


Breast Examination

Undertaken in comfortable surroundings with an expert surgeon that you can trust

Breast Ultrasound

A jelly scan to assess lumps and lumpy areas in the breast, can also guide biopsy or cyst drainage


An X-ray of the breast tissue also used in breast screening

Breast MRI

This specialised scan is used in patients with implants or cancer

Axilla Ultrasound

A scan of the lymph nodes (glands) under the arm

Bone Scan

A nuclear medicine scan to look for signs of breast cancer in bones

Computed Tomography

A whole-body scan to check for spread of breast cancer to other organs such as liver

Breast Biopsy

Undertaken with local anaesthetic to get tissue for the pathologist to examine

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